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Monday, March 12, 2007

Detecting Chronic HPC Infection in Women Over 30

NPR has posted an excellent article (and podcast) on some changes in screening recommendations for cervical cancer, particularly in women over the age of 30. Although they refer to people over 30 as "older women" I will forgive them! Some important points:

  • There is a new test for high risk strains of HPV virus that can detect the virus even when PAP smears are negative.
  • Because younger women tend to clear the virus it is not recommended for women under 30.
  • Women in monogamous relationships with negative HPV and Pap smears may need to have routine GYN exams less frequently (3 years)
Although you should speak to your gynecologist before changing how you see her/him, this is a very promising development in the field of preventative care.

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Anonymous said...

excellent! thanks for keeping us patients updated on the newest technologies- i love the fact that you're blogging, too!